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Are there any dropship fees?
No, the processing of orders and handling is all included in the delivery cost.
Can I use your product descriptions on my website?
When choosing to list one of our products, please do ensure you write your own unique, inspiring product description. Duplicate content will affect ranking on search engines, which consequently co
Can the paperwork going out with my customers orders be unbranded?
All our clients orders leave our warehouse with unbranded paperwork so no mention of Oh So Cherished Dropship Services.
Do I need an alcohol license to sell alcohol on my website?
No, as we are the company who is physically dispatching the alcohol from our location we are the ones who needs the premises license. All you will need is a notification on your website to ensure your
Do you charge a restocking fee for returns?
No, we can confirm that we do not charge a restocking fee.
Do you charge VAT on products?
Yes, VAT will be added to all products prices where applicable at the current rate.
Do you have barcodes for your products?
Yes all products can be barcoded.
Do you issue tracking numbers?
We track all 24 Hr deliveries, Next Day by 1pm deliveries and Saturday deliveries. Tracking numbers can be requested, just email: . All standard orders go out with Royal Ma
Do you manufacture your products?
Yes, we design and manufacture 90% of our products, all here in the UK. Other products like soft toys are part manufactured by us. All products manufactured in the UK are marked as ‘Made in Engla
How do I know my customer’s order has been shipped?
If you put your order through our portal you can view the status of the order within your account, if orders are sent via CSV file, we import them straight into our shipping software. If you send a
How do I pay for orders?
Your account will initially be opened on a ‘Pay As You Go’ basis. Following a qualifying period and order volume, you can apply for a ‘30-day Credit Account’. With a ‘Pay As You Go’ ac
How do we know if products are out of stock?
As soon as we are made aware of an out of stock product, we will notify you via email.
How do we place orders?
Pay as you go o rders can be put through our dropship portal. CSV files from credit account customers can be sent to:
How do you keep inventory updated with your dropship clients?
We are continually updating our inventory and request a CSV file from our credit account customers at any time of all products to update in bulk. We also send out regular updates to all our account
How do you keep us updated with new products?
We are continually developing new products for our dropship clients. We work with you and continually help you grow: - We send a regular email newsletter with new product updates. -
How long does it take for orders to be processed and shipped?
Orders will be processed within one to two business days. We download orders twice a day and orders will be processed in priority of shipping preference. For example, if an order is required for nex
If I have 3 products going to one address how much delivery will I be charged?
For every order you place you are charged one delivery cost despite the quantity of products, so ordering 3 products going to one address on standard delivery will be £3.33+VAT
We are a large client, can you cope with the quantity of orders we could potentially put through you?
No problem at all. We are a fully functioning warehouse and studio here on the Isle of Wight and can cope with any quantity of orders.
What do I do when a customer wants a refund?
Please contact us before returning your item. All returns come back to us at the following Freepost Address: FREPOST, RRYT ZAUT KBTH, Oh So & Co., The Old Granary, Gatcombe, Isle of Wight
What is Dropship?
Dropship is a service we offer. We have all the set up in our studio and warehouse for creating beautiful personalised gifts and products and can do this all in-house. We also have a fully functioning